About a company

“V- BEYBI Ltd” -Ukraine, Chernigov – presents itself as an exporter of agro-products, as well as a supplier of these products to the Ukrainian market.
We have been working since 1998 as the SPD Churkalo, since 2008 the company was expanded and renamed the “V- BEYBI Ltd”, have a wealth of experience in the export of seeds.
“V- BEYBI Ltd” is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine.
Our partners in the export business are in different European countries, such as: Austria • Belarus • Belgium • Bulgaria • Great Britain • Hungary • Germany • Greece • Spain • Denmark • Italy • Latvia • Lithuania • Netherlands • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Serbia • Slovakia • Slovenia • Czech Republic • Estonia • Switzerland, Turkey and other countries.
Our main customers are the dealers and processors of agro commodities and food industries.
Basic assortment of seeds grown in the territory of Ukraine, is very diverse.
We offer seeds for sowing and for technical processing, for animal and human consumption:
1. Mustard (white, yellow, black, mustard powder)
2. Мillet (white, yellow, red, canary)
3. Vic (spring, winter)
4. Coriander (whole, halves, ground)
5. Oilseeds (flax, oilseed radish, rapeseed, safflower, sesame seed,
sunflower, canola)
6. Seeds of forage grasses (sainfoin, lupine, Sudan grass, lucerne, Phacelia, clover)
7. Forage feed crops (corn, peas, lupine, vetch, oats, sorghum)
8. Legumes (beans, soy beans, chickpeas)
9. Seeds for field, grassland
10. Lawn grass seeds
The quality of all products meets the regulatory requirements. Products are grown in the lands of Ukraine, without genetically modified organisms, contains no toxic substances, pesticides, radionuclides, mycotoxins.
This product is packed in: polypropylene or paper bags (20/25/50 kg), big bags of 1000 kg, or bulk.
Delivery may be by road, rail or sea containers.
Our company can also find other products grown or produced in Ukraine upon your request.